Cheese Bread Mania LLC was established in 2010, by Debora Hammond, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

We offer 5 flavors of "ready to bake" frozen dough of authentic Brazilian Style cheese breads (aka "pao de queijo") at the local shops: original, 4 cheese, garlic, rosemary and jalapeno.  During the Farmers Markets, we offer small packages with "ready to eat" 6 units of all these flavors and more. 

The secret family recipe is dated from the 18th century, and passed along generation to generation in Debora Hammond's family. 

Our commitment is to provide a healthy low sodium, low carbs and yet a delicious gluten free product made of manioc starch, cheese, milk, eggs and canola oil. 

We also provide catering and take special orders by email: or phone: (801) 699-2018. 

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