Cheese Bread Mania LLC was established in 2010, by Debora Hammond, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our company has several flavors of "pao de queijo" available included but not limited to: original, 4 cheese, garlic,sun dried tomatoes, rosemary, jalapeno and "Romeo and Juliet" (made with guava paste).  We are commited to provide a healthy low sodium, low carbs and yet a delicious gluten free product made of manioc starch. The recipe we use is a family secret passed along generation to generation since the 18th century. 

Our products are sold in boxes with 24 dough units "ready to bake" by 30+ retail locations in Utah.

Find us also in several Farmers Markets during summer season.

We also provide catering and take special orders by email: cheesebreadmania@gmail.com or phone: 801-637-5094.
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