Cheese Bread Mania LLC was created in 2010, by Debora Hammond, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our product can be found all over Utah in the freezer section of local shops and supermarkets in 4 different flavors: original, 4 cheese, garlic and jalapeno. 

At the Farmers Markets we sell more flavors "ready to eat" (we bake and package at our commercial kitchen) in little bags of 6 units each.

Authentic Brazilian Style Cheese Bread (aka Pao de Queijo) is made of yucca starch, chese, canola oil, milk and eggs, and therefore is naturally gluten free.  Cheese Bread Mania uses a family secret recipe passed along generation to generation since the 18th century. 

We also provide catering and take special orders by email: or phone: 801-699-2018.
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